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Present over Perfect

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In a blog post from last Christmas, author Shauna Niequist writes:

Present over perfect.
Quality over quantity.
Relationship over rushing.

People over pressure.
Meaning over mania.

I’m taking that advice for this time of year. Finals have finished, client work is coming to a stopping point and I’m getting ready to celebrate this special time of year with family. I’ve decided to take a break, do a little reading by the Christmas tree and enjoy all the best goodies my Mother-in-Law makes. So, in honor of the holidays, I’m going to take a little hiatus from Chic to Chic to enjoy this special time of the year. How about you, friends? What do the holidays have in store for you?

Happy Holidays, Friends!

Celebrate Good Times, Life

Twinkling Lights & Memories

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The lights are twinkling on the tree and I’m up passed my bedtime. I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy with the semester coming to an end tomorrow and the holidays quickly approaching. I’m enjoying wearing my favorite birthday dress and the new do I tried this morning (that I kind of love).  It makes me feel like a German Christmas character. I’m drinking my Sleepytime tea and will be ready to cozy under the blankets and dream real soon.

When I was a little girl, Christmas was the best part of the year. I’ll never forget the Christmas my little sister and I walked around the corner to find a huge play kitchen – complete with plastic ice cubes and empty boxes to play with. I turned around the corner and my jaw just dropped, dropped. That was one of the best Christmases I remember.

But when I was three years old, something even more magical happened. It was the first Christmas with my Mom and step Dad newly married. I have special memories about that Christmas and the little things my step Dad did to make it perfect. I remember sitting on the couch for hours searching for Santa’s sleigh in the dark sky. Then on Christmas morning, cozy in my red Lion King pajamas, I was guided outside, only to find Santa’s boot prints leading away from our door onto the grass. The night before we sprinkled the snow covered lawn with my mom’s favorite cereal, sure that the reindeer would love it too! On top of all of that I received so many special gifts from my new family.. that is a Christmas I’ll never forget.

Oh Christmas, it’s such a special time. A special time to fill with unforgettable memories with our friends and loved ones. The countdown begins – sixteen days!
Happy Monday, Friends!

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It has started!

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The Holiday Season has officially started! Can you tell – I haven’t been around in a couple of weeks! Along with Thanksgiving comes finals and Christmas decorating, time with family and parties, lots of parties! As a matter of fact, I’m getting ready for one tonight! I’m going between a little black dress and a vegan leather pencil dress. Quite the opposite, right?! So, you understand my hesitation and why I thought I’d just sit down and say hello before making that decision! You see that tree up there, or at least the top half? I like that picture, it kind of makes my six foot tree and 16 foot ceilings look a little bit tall. You see, in our little basement home before, the tree almost touched the ceiling or at least the big bow I put on top did. Now, it looks a bit tiny, but that’s okay – because amid building sculptures, designing websites, family time and eating pumpkin pie, the husband and I managed to get the decorations out late one night. We took them out and sleepily decorated the tree and put out a few snowman and Santas. That night I went to bed filled with the Christmas spirit and giddy about the holidays. The next day I called my Daddy and wished him a Happy Hanukkah as I cuddled on the couch admiring the snowy day outside. That’s another story. It snowed yesterday, a whopping 4-5 inches and today, well the snow is still on the ground due to the -5 temperature. Yeah, it’s cold. I barely lasted the two blocks to class. I took a little video of the storm last night – check it out on Instagram. It made my Southern family awwww.

So, that’s a peek into the last couple of weeks! I can’t wait until finals are done and I’m back to my normal, weekly sharing with you all. I hope today finds you warmer than me and you’re getting into the holiday spirit! It’s a busy time, but don’t forget to enjoy every last minute of it.

Happy Thursday, Friends!!