Celebrate Good Times, Life

A New Addition.

Heather Gray Photography | Chic to Chic Blog | chictochicblog.wordpress.com

We have a new addition to the family, finally. Welcome, Mr. Gatsby. He’s a now 13 week old Yorkie with energy that lasts for about 20 minutes before he collapses for five hours. He gives kisses galore, is giving us no issues with potty training and is currently asleep in his pen. He loves making friends with strangers, like at least 10 every trip we take down to Larimer Square and he was the perfect poser for our first family portraits last Saturday. Here’s a peek from the incredible Heather Gray Photography.

Heather Gray Photography | Chic to Chic Blog | chictochicblog.wordpress.com



Heather Gray Photography | Chic to Chic Blog | chictochicblog.wordpress.com

Heather Gray Photography | Chic to Chic Blog | chictochicblog.wordpress.com

Heather Gray Photography | Chic to Chic Blog | chictochicblog.wordpress.com

Heather Gray Photography | Chic to Chic Blog | chictochicblog.wordpress.com

Heather Gray Photography | Chic to Chic Blog | chictochicblog.wordpress.com

We are so blessed to have him in our lives. Little G has brought us so much joy already and continues to make us laugh out loud and squeal with delight at his little noises. He was just what we needed and I’m enjoying every minute with the little guy before classes start up again.

Welcome to the city, little guy. We’re so glad you’re here.

Day at a Time, Life

Plans for this busy life.


This afternoon finally gave me a pause in what seems to have been a non-stop, whirlwind of early morning classes, deadlines and gym sessions with my trainer. The husband has been traveling a lot so the weekends have been precious time to spend together in between all of our normal weekend duties. But within this crazy time, I can’t but dwell all how absolutely blessed I truly am.

Over the past few months, the husband and I have had the best chats about our goals and dreams. We’ve made plans to make those goals and dreams a reality and gotten giddy at the prospect of it all happening. There are just so so many things to look forward to.

In the next few days, our long-awaited puppy will be born and in six weeks we will get to meet him or her. A dream I’ve had since I was a little girl will be coming true (the puppy is one this is the other one) and today marked a very real step in the right direction – we bought the tickets and I’ll be spending a month in Europe this summer exploring France and studying abroad in Denmark and Sweden. It will be a trip of a lifetime! And if that’s not exciting enough as soon as I get back, we’ll be picking up our little 12 week old puppy and bringing it home for the first time!

There are a few other trips that’ll be sprinkled in and I just couldn’t be more excited. This year has brought so many amazing opportunities for new experiences and travel. It’s already March, but I feel like it’s just beginning!

Thanks for understanding as I sporadically post in between all this craziness. So many things are being accomplished during this time – the blog just hasn’t been one of them, but that doesn’t mean I have forgotten. This is just a period of constant work and focus, but when things settle down – you can bet I’ll be back here weekly, sharing the latest on my life, style and design.

Happy Tuesday, Friends!

Day at a Time, Life

This Chair

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This chair has been my spot in the last few weeks, when I’m not in classes. I’ve stared out that window in between hours of projects, watching the snow fall, and people walking down the street – planning my day and recovering from intense workouts. The week is finally coming to a close with one essay to write and plans to make for the weekend and it’s happening in this chair.

I think it’s important to have an area in your home especially to work, relax and unwind. What spot is your favorite when you’re working or at home recovering from a long day?

Celebrate Good Times, Life

We’re Expecting Something Furry!

Remember the little hints I dropped in the first post of 2014? Well, we got an email this morning letting us know our sweet new addition, a little Yorkie will be arriving mid-March! I’ve tried to hold our little secret in for a while, but I couldn’t resist any longer! This will be my first puppy and I couldn’t be more giddy! I’ve wanted a dog to love since I was a little girl! So, in honor of the big news, I put together a Puppy List of the darling things I’ve found for our pup so far!

Puppy List by Chic to Chic Blog | www.chictochicblog.wordpress.com

I’d love to hear any recommendations on your favorite puppy products! We have so much to learn before we bring the pup home in June! Feel free to give us any tips and information you have on having a dog and even bringing it home as a puppy!

You & Me & the Dog PrintFur Rug BedLove at First Bark BookPure Joy BookHeart ToyMackenzie-Childs Bed Gnome Treat ContainerHoundstooth JacketWooden CratePet Head Deodorizing SprayPet Head Puppy Tearless ShampooNature’s Miracle Stain & Odor RemoverA Letter to My Dog BookLamb Chew SqueakerMackenzie-Childs Water Bowl

We’re so excited!!! Happy Thursday, Friends!


Now is the time.

Now is the Time | Chic to Chic Blog | www.chictochicblog.wordpress.com | Aubrey Hubbell Design | adesigncollection.com

Now is your time. Become, believe, try. Walk closely with people you love and other people who believe that God is very good and life is a grand adventure. Don’t spend time with people who make you feel like less than you are. Don’t get stuck in the past and don’t try to fast-forward yourself into a future you haven’t earned. Give today all the love and intensity and courage you can and keep traveling honestly along life’s path. –Shauna Niequist

The quote above comes from my latest read, Bittersweet. It’s at the end of my very favorite chapter so far, Twenty-Five. This chapter spoke to my heart last night. After a prayerful time before bed, I opened up my Kindle app and decided to read a bit before going to sleep. I was flooded by so many life-defining thoughts and questions to truthfully answer. Am I proud of the life I’m living? What have I tried this month? What have I learned about God this year? What parts of my childhood faith am I leaving behind, and what parts am I choosing to keep with me for this leg of the journey? Do the people I’m spending time with give me life or make me feel small? These questions Shauna poses in this chapter, and as I asked myself these very questions, I found I wanted to give myself very truthful answers.

What have I learned about God this year?

This year, I have learned that God will never leave me or forsake me. As a Twenty-Fiveish (23) year old, I have given myself space – space to define my faith on my own and with my husband. And what I’ve learned is that no matter what comes my way, I have a God that is all powerful. He gives me strength to press on. When I’m struggling, He is always there – He puts people in my life to encourage me in this journey and to actively be the person He wants me to be. I’m thankful and blessed beyond anything I could ever have imagine.

There are a few more questions I want to answer and maybe I’ll share them with you, but until then – will you answer them yourself, just to yourself and be truthful. Challenge yourself. It’s an incredible thing to sit down and really think, “Am I proud of the life I’m living?”

Happy Monday, Friends!

Celebrate Good Times, Life

A New Year it is!


Welcome to 2014, Friends! I hope the last month brought so much happiness, many memories and new goals and aspirations for the new year! Matt and I couldn’t be more excited for this year! We have so many goals and plans that I just can’t wait to experience. I can’t wait to share every little detail with you throughout this new year! And until we start talking details, here are the holiday details from the last month of celebrations! You may even see a notice a few hints into the special plans coming in 2014!








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And that’s a wrap! How was your holiday? Did you spend it in town or did you travel out of state or maybe out of the country? I’d love to hear about how you spent the past few weeks! Happy New Year, Friends!

Celebrate Good Times, Life

Present over Perfect

Present over Perfect | Lindsay Letters | Chic to Chic Blog | www.chictochicblog.wordpress.com

Print by Lindsay Letters.

In a blog post from last Christmas, author Shauna Niequist writes:

Present over perfect.
Quality over quantity.
Relationship over rushing.

People over pressure.
Meaning over mania.

I’m taking that advice for this time of year. Finals have finished, client work is coming to a stopping point and I’m getting ready to celebrate this special time of year with family. I’ve decided to take a break, do a little reading by the Christmas tree and enjoy all the best goodies my Mother-in-Law makes. So, in honor of the holidays, I’m going to take a little hiatus from Chic to Chic to enjoy this special time of the year. How about you, friends? What do the holidays have in store for you?

Happy Holidays, Friends!