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This Boy is Back.

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Today is Tax Day. This, for an accountant, means from now on, Saturdays are the weekend again, 14 hour work days are in the past and life can be normal again. For me, the accountant’s wife, I’m looking forward to dinner together at a normal time, Saturday date days and not being completely exhausted on our only day together without work or school. Busy Season takes a toll, that’s for sure. But I am so proud of my amazing man for getting through it. It is not for the weak in spirit and he crushed it! He even started us on a new goal. A Matt Goal as I call them. Our new goal is one dessert, once a week. We like desserts. So, last night being the last day before our goal starts, we got frozen yogurt before midnight. One. Last. Dessert.

And today, I was craving a sweet snack. So, I made up a healthy one. It was a-mazing! Try this – Half a frozen Papaya smoothie box from Whole Foods or any frozen fruit. A half cup of plain Greek yogurt. Sprinkle a bit of Agave Nectar and Blend. Papaya Ice Cream – healthy and sooo delish!

Papaya Ice Cream | Chic to Chic BlogAnd as usual on my blog post days. It’s another snow day. Who would have thought. I’ll just be working, sitting in front of the heater eating my Papaya ice cream.

Happy Monday, Friends!

Enjoy the Little Things

Monday’s Little Things

1. A clean home. A clean home we worked so hard, together, to make sparkle. We cleaned every room and I just want to brag on my M a little. He mopped and swept. Three rooms. He’s pretty amazing.

2. Crepes. Those things are amazing!! Even more amazing. S’more Crepes. Mmmm!

3. Working out with a girlfriend. I don’t get to do it much, but this weekend I got to walk around a trail, get lost in her neighborhood and laugh and chat while burning calories. It was a blast.

4. Going to church. I am blessed to have a great church to go to. The music and preaching was great last night!

5. It’s my last week working full time for the summer. I will miss it, but I’m definitely getting extremely excited for classes to start Monday!!

Happy Monday, Friends! What are the Little Things from your weekend?

Enjoy the Little Things

Monday’s Little Things

1. Red Bicycles

2. 7 week old babies

3. Homemade Pho

4. Friend Time

5. Quality Time with my Love

6. Cupcakes

7. Superglue for a Broken Nail

8. Bike Ride to the City

9. Syrup, ou favorite breakfast spot

10. The Broadmoor, beautiful

Enjoy the Little Things

Monday’s Little Things



1. Good morning kisses

2. Batman

3. Late night Ice Cream

4. A new dress

5. Cheetah Print

6. Strawberries & Cream Shake

7. Long walks

8. Red Doors

9. Dowtown Denver

10. Guest Blog Posts… Coming soon!

Wow, it’s already Monday. Can you believe it! The weekend flew by. I’m ready to take on the day! How about you?!

Happy Monday, Friends!

Enjoy the Little Things

Monday’s Little Things

1. New dresses
2. Yoga night
3. New Tennis Shoes
4. Four more weeks until classes start back!
5. Cherry Creek Sidewalk Sales
6. Southern Food
7. Double Dates
8. My Handsome Husband
9. Redecorating a bit
10. New Blow Dryer

Happy Monday, Friends!

Enjoy the Little Things

Monday’s Little Things

1. Frozen berries in a bag

2. Orange Maxi Dresses

3. The Giveaway yesterday, how fun was that!?

4. Catching up on my favorite blogs

5. Getting a picture of my little brother with an awesome mohawk -or as he calls it a “bohawk”

6. Family time in the Mountains (pictures to come)

7. Peppermint scented Shampoo and Conditioner

8. Scheduling a full weekend with friends

9. Getting excited for Christmas in July

10. My awesome husband

Enjoy the Little Things

Monday’s Little Things

1. Last night M and I sat in the car in front of our house playing our new found app- Words with Friends. He beat me by a 100 points.

2. Big day at work! We have a new doctor starting as Sr. Theroux’s associate! Exciting!

3. Having a new outfit to wear to work!

4. Writing my first giveaway post! I can’t wait to see all the comments!

5. New workout clothes make me motivated.

6. Tuesday-Wednesday Cleanse Days

7. Dinner with the best in-laws ever last night.

8. Rhinoceros! We have to go. (How I Met Your Mother fans will understand.)

9. Getting back on track after a pretzel and water ice filled vacation.

10. Having a husband that is willing to go grocery shopping while I am at the gym.

Happy Monday, friends!