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Love Yourself Link Up: Do What You Love

Today I am writing as part of the Love Yourself Linkup – an ongoing blog series that focuses on topics like self image and body image. A community of women post their thoughts on these topics and tell stories of personal experiences.We’ll share what inspired us, challenged us and more! Learn more about the Love Yourself Linkup at Anne the Adventurer. If you have a story to share too, join the conversation by writing and clicking to enter below!


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We’ve all heard the sayings – “Do What You Love”, “If you love what you do, then you’ll never work a day in your life!” …and the list goes on. But have you ever really thought about it? Have you sat and considered the fact that you really do have the opportunity in this life to find something you’re truly passionate about and run after it? What a wonderful way to spend your time everyday, loving every second of it. Okay, maybe not every second, because let’s face it, anything we want, takes work. It’s not all roses and sunshine, but at the end of the day when you feel you’ve accomplished something and your proud of it, you feel you’ve touched someone in a special way or really feel as if you’ve made a difference, isn’t that love? As a college student, I’m always pondering those statements up there. I’m slowly learning what I’m good at and gathering a few ideas up as to how I can use my talents and things to do something I’m passionate about and really love. Love is passion. Love wakes you up in the morning. Love is what I do. If you love what you do, you love who you are.

Happy Tuesday, Friends!


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Three Year Anniversary | Chic to Chic Blog |

Yesterday was our Third Wedding Anniversary. It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating number two and maybe like six months ago that we actually got married. In honor of the day after our Three Year anniversary, I’d like rave about being married to that amazing guy kissing that gal up there. By the way.. That was two minutes after we said our I Do’s… We were so happy.

But back to raving. I’m a pretty lucky girl. You see, every morning an alarm goes off. I’m not the one to turn it off, though. I don’t get up after it goes off either. The guy next to me turns his alarm (aka The Office theme song) off in mid da naa da na na da naaaa.. And rolls over to my side. He starts waking me up by sweetly rubbing my back and then eventually whispers something about waking up in my ear. (Half of this story is his, the other half is what I remember half asleep.)

Eventually, being the morning person I so obviously am, I get out of bed to the honey standing beside me ready to hold me tight/keep me from laying back down. My man has some serious patience. I mean come on, just get up or you’ll be late would work, but he goes the extra mile – just so I can have a sweet, relaxing wake up.

Mr. H is patient. I can’t wait to see him [one day] with our little baby. He’s going to be such a great dad. I think I love him now, but I know I’ll just melt seeing him wake up or put down our little one.

The Love is thoughtful. I mean seriously, you should see the cards he writes to family and friends. He comes up with the kindest most thoughtful words. He puts me to shame. My “Happy Birthday! We love you!” Just doesn’t cut it anymore. His words are full of thought and slowly written. He speaks from the heart to yours.

Babe, as I always call him (more than I use his actual name) is an incredibly hard-worker. I’m always so proud to go to his work functions. I never leave without hearing several genuine compliments from higher ups at his firm. At home, he’s even more dedicated. He does dishes while I cook. He does laundry on Saturday mornings. He picks me up every night I have a late class. He brings me dinner on my breaks. He stays up to help me with projects. He packs my suitcase. Probably something I should be ashamed of, but he’s magical! He fits everything I give him perfectly without it being stuffed. It’s really a sight to see.

The guy can set a goal AND accomplish it. I don’t think I’ve ever known such a person that creates a goal even a semi long term goal and actually meets it. Last year he made a goal to run one mile, everyday, no matter what. He ran in the snow. He ran in the rain. He ran when he was sick. He ran when I told him he didn’t have to. He ran for an entire year, everyday. I’m so proud of him.

These are just a few things off the top of my head that everyday, he amazes me with. I can’t stay mad at the man for more than a few minutes… My mind wanders to all of the ways he’s just perfect. I can’t be mad at him for long.

I am so blessed that God saw fit to let me meet my husband at the young age of four. Who would have known that fifteen years later he’d be my husband. I have been given a man I could never have dreamed of. He has qualities I never even knew existed. I am thankful that we’ve been married for three years, but even more because I know the years will only get better from here.

I love you, baby. You’re my favorite.

Thanks for dealing with my sappy post, friends. Have a wonderful night.




I agree with this quote whole-heartedly, don’t you? Sometimes you just need to relax, cuddle with your honey bun (hubby, dog, or the comfy pillow you’ve grown so fond of), and not think. Don’t let one thing cross your mind. Forget about what needs to be cleaned, what you still have to do at work, everything going on around you… just forget, breath, and relax.

Yeah, it’s happening at some point this weekend. I don’t know when, yet. But this brain… she’s going to have her moment.

Good luck with your pointless moment.

TGIF, Friends.


Breakfast, IKEA and a Good Book




LBD- Nordstrom Top- F21 Belt- F21 Jelly Sandals- Urban Outfitters Watch- Fossil Sunglasses- H&M

Today was fun. We had a great double date breakfast at Syrup. Great conversation, food and laughter. Afterward, Matt and I made a quick decision to go to IKEA and walk around, just for fun. We got one of those cool ice trays that makes long, skinny ice for water bottles. M thought that what pretty neat. Then we headed home. M’s taking an afternoon nap and I think I’m going to pick up a book and read. I hope everyone is having a relaxing day and staying dry in this rain!

I’d love to hear what you’re up to. Type in that comment box down there and tell me what’s on your mind? Let’s hear it.


A Thought..

Just a thought at midnight…

When one day I die, what do I want to leave behind?

I want to be known as the friend, daughter, or coworker, that stayed true. She stayed true to her beliefs. She stayed true to what she knew was right. She was a good friend or loved one. She was honest, trustworthy, a hard worker, faithful, real…

To be the person that touched at least one life in her time on earth. To have spread the love of God to the ones she came in contact with. To have been a great friend. Someone who thought of others more than herself.

I want to have been the best wife I could be and then later on, mother. I want to be known as a giving person. I want to have experienced all kinds of amazing things- like, the presence of God while sitting on a pew, standing and looking up at the Eiffel Tower, or holding our first baby for the first time.

There are so many things I have yet to do and experience, but before I do… I want to say I am thankful for what I have already; what I have experienced, gone through, and gotten through.

Just a thought… with more to add.

Think about it on your last day of the week. What do you want leave behind?

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With a heavy heart.

With a heavy heart, I cherish this quote. Today was a hard day.



You on this Saturday morning…

Think about this bright and cheery quote on this Saturday morning. Encourage yourself.

More to come.