Day at a Time, Inpsiration

Seriously, Paper Typography.







Wow, have you ever seen something so beautiful. I’ve pinned a few of these and finally decided to actually follow the link. One took me to No Man’s website, the other took me where I wanted to be! The blog provided me a link to this incredible artist’s page.

Now to introduce Sabeena Karnik. Here is her beautiful work. PLEASE check it out. It’ll brighten your day and could even give you a wild urge to make your own PAPER TYPOGRAPHY. I mean who wouldn’t want to! I think I might just make it my craft this weekend. If you end up trying it, even on a mini scale, comment with your picture. I’d love to see how it turns out!

Last week I attended a Paint and Mingle – “Pingle” party at my lovely friend, Ada’s house. We all brought canvases, paint and yummy snacks. I’m thinking I need to have a Paper & Typography – “Papography?” party. How fun does that sound!? Everyone bring paper and snackssss! Talk to me. We’ll plan.

On that note, Happy Thursday, Friends!