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This afternoon finally gave me a pause in what seems to have been a non-stop, whirlwind of early morning classes, deadlines and gym sessions with my trainer. The husband has been traveling a lot so the weekends have been precious time to spend together in between all of our normal weekend duties. But within this crazy time, I can’t but dwell all how absolutely blessed I truly am.

Over the past few months, the husband and I have had the best chats about our goals and dreams. We’ve made plans to make those goals and dreams a reality and gotten giddy at the prospect of it all happening. There are just so so many things to look forward to.

In the next few days, our long-awaited puppy will be born and in six weeks we will get to meet him or her. A dream I’ve had since I was a little girl will be coming true (the puppy is one this is the other one) and today marked a very real step in the right direction – we bought the tickets and I’ll be spending a month in Europe this summer exploring France and studying abroad in Denmark and Sweden. It will be a trip of a lifetime! And if that’s not exciting enough as soon as I get back, we’ll be picking up our little 12 week old puppy and bringing it home for the first time!

There are a few other trips that’ll be sprinkled in and I just couldn’t be more excited. This year has brought so many amazing opportunities for new experiences and travel. It’s already March, but I feel like it’s just beginning!

Thanks for understanding as I sporadically post in between all this craziness. So many things are being accomplished during this time – the blog just hasn’t been one of them, but that doesn’t mean I have forgotten. This is just a period of constant work and focus, but when things settle down – you can bet I’ll be back here weekly, sharing the latest on my life, style and design.

Happy Tuesday, Friends!

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Europe – Any Advice?

In just nine short months, my lovely friend, Alex and I will be on a plane headed to Italy. We’ll spend most of the trip traveling around Italy and spend the rest of our time in Greece. Neither of us have ever been to Europe and we’re saving our pennies like two college gals to get there. I couldn’t wait to share the news with my nearest and dearest. We are so extremely excited. Now, we just have to decide what to wear!?

These are my ideas so far. What do you think?

This Dress.

The Oxford.

The Hair Accessories.

The Scarf.

Have you ever been to Europe or taken a trip where you had to pack light, dress cute and feel comfortable while touring a city? Any advice on the packing light part? That seems to be my main problem. Any favorite outfits, comfortable shoes or accessories you loved having with you? We’d both love the advice! Can’t wait to hear from you!

Have a great rest of your week, friends!