Now is the time.

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Now is your time. Become, believe, try. Walk closely with people you love and other people who believe that God is very good and life is a grand adventure. Don’t spend time with people who make you feel like less than you are. Don’t get stuck in the past and don’t try to fast-forward yourself into a future you haven’t earned. Give today all the love and intensity and courage you can and keep traveling honestly along life’s path. –Shauna Niequist

The quote above comes from my latest read, Bittersweet. It’s at the end of my very favorite chapter so far, Twenty-Five. This chapter spoke to my heart last night. After a prayerful time before bed, I opened up my Kindle app and decided to read a bit before going to sleep. I was flooded by so many life-defining thoughts and questions to truthfully answer. Am I proud of the life I’m living? What have I tried this month? What have I learned about God this year? What parts of my childhood faith am I leaving behind, and what parts am I choosing to keep with me for this leg of the journey? Do the people I’m spending time with give me life or make me feel small? These questions Shauna poses in this chapter, and as I asked myself these very questions, I found I wanted to give myself very truthful answers.

What have I learned about God this year?

This year, I have learned that God will never leave me or forsake me. As a Twenty-Fiveish (23) year old, I have given myself space – space to define my faith on my own and with my husband. And what I’ve learned is that no matter what comes my way, I have a God that is all powerful. He gives me strength to press on. When I’m struggling, He is always there – He puts people in my life to encourage me in this journey and to actively be the person He wants me to be. I’m thankful and blessed beyond anything I could ever have imagine.

There are a few more questions I want to answer and maybe I’ll share them with you, but until then – will you answer them yourself, just to yourself and be truthful. Challenge yourself. It’s an incredible thing to sit down and really think, “Am I proud of the life I’m living?”

Happy Monday, Friends!


Inspire Me, Won’t You? | Terry Maker

Self - Portrait in Tootsie Roll Pop | Terry Maker Sculptor | Chic to Chic Blog |

Cycle | Terry Maker Sculptor | Chic to Chic Blog |

Colored Striped Book | Terry Maker Sculptor | Chic to Chic Blog |

Ascension (Blouses) |Terry Maker Sculptor | Chic to Chic Blog |

Ther First and Last | Terry Maker Sculptor | Chic to Chic Blog |

Bullet Belt on a Nail | Terry Maker Sculptor | Chic to Chic Blog |

Terry Maker Sculptor | Chic to Chic Blog |

Today I’d like to introduce you to Terry Maker. She’s not only my professor, but an incredible artist and sculptor. If you’re in the Dallas area, the “You are Here” exhibit opens on Friday, October 18th featuring her art pieces at the Kirk Hopper Fine Art Gallery. You won’t want to miss it! Terry has a fantastic imagination. She creates her works using a variety of commonplace, discarded, domestic objects, combined with traditional art making materials to make sculptures that are cut, drilled and scraped to reveal her masterpieces within. She explores the core principles central to the physical and spiritual concerns inherent in her work.

As a professor, Terry has encouraged me to think outside the box using a multi-disciplinary approach to create things that showcase a topic in a profound and meaningful way. I appreciate that she takes the time to give her opinion on each piece, giving the chance to better it. Sculpture is one of my favorite artistic expressions. It’s so different from any other form. It can be approachable or quite the opposite, but it is still taking up the same spacial area as the viewer. Sculpture is a magnificent form in which to express so many experiences and Terry does that in an unforgettable, masterful way.

If you’re in the Denver area, her piece “Testament” is being displayed at the Redline Gallery. That will be my next stop! See you there!

Happy Wednesday, Friends!


Inspire Me, Won’t You? | Emma Block

Emma Block | Chic to Chic Blog |

Emma Block | Chic to Chic Blog |

Emma Block | Chic to Chic Blog |

Emma Block | Chic to Chic Blog |

Emma Block | Chic to Chic Blog |

Emma Block | Chic to Chic Blog |

Yesterday, I came home late from class. I checked the mail and waiting for me was a package I’ve been just dying to receive! Today, I’d like to introduce you to the very talented Emma Block. I first found her beautiful illustrations in Darling Magazine. She illustrated each persona and I knew I’d just love to frame them! I couldn’t bring myself to take apart the lovely magazine and I really wanted to contact the illustrator directly. I did a little research and found Emma Block’s Etsy Shop. I connected with her and after visiting her site and seeing an illustration that wasn’t even in the Darling Magazine, I knew I just had to have them! She offered to do a print with both of the beautiful Darling Gals on them. I was floored, jumping up and down with excitement! Emma Block’s incredible talent, whimsical and eye-catching illustrations inspire me. Now whenever I sit at my desk to work, I can look up and see this illustration. It will be a daily inspiration of beauty and talent. Thank you so much, Emma Block for working with me and I look forward to ordering more and more prints in the future!

Happy Thursday, Friends!

Day at a Time

Big Dreams

Dream Big | Aubrey Hubbell Design | Chic to Chic Blog |


Wow! Last night I was apart of Anne the Adventurer‘s Blogging: 101 Class. What an incredible experience. It left me feeling encouraged, empowered and look at me – I found a spot in my morning to say hello to you! Chatting with Anne at the end of class left me with so much to consider in my business and with Chic to Chic. Deciding how to approach them both with intention and meaning. I was also left with that same feeling I get every now and then – that feeling that I’m cutting myself short. That I’m settling for what’s expected of me or the right thing to do. But what if I don’t want to do that? What if I want to jump out of the mold and do something incredible! So last night the Love and I had a long conversation about strengths in different areas and how those can be used to make a difference.

I am a proud goal setter. I have a five year plan, always have. I’m very self-motivated and when I have a goal, I don’t let anything get it my way. Plans change and I’m okay with that, but goals – they’re always looking to be crossed off my list. So, as my college career is slowly coming to an end and my business is slowly growing, I’ve been thinking about what I truly want to do. What am I passionate about? How can I make a difference? How can I truly inspire my readers, those around me, women, young women to reach for the stars and grab ahold? I’m working on this goal of mine. I’m not quite sure what it is yet, but I know I’m getting closer to finding it. I know I want it to be bigger than the normal and everyday.

And part of this goal is this blog. I know this is a way I can express myself and share with you my struggles, my celebrations, inspiring words, encouragement and let you know you’re not alone. I want to inspire you. This blog is really important to me and I want it to bring something to your life. That is a huge part of this goal. So, in the next few weeks, I hope to see you more often, place encouraging, inspiring and loving words into your life in different ways and more often. That is my why and my goal. I’m dreaming big.

Thank you, Anne the Adventurer for taking the time to teach us and share your amazing insight. What a pleasure it was to chat with you after class, share my heart and hear your advice. I look forward to many more Blogging classes in the future!

Happy Wednesday, Friends!

Day at a Time

Life in Between Goals

Life in Between Goals | Chic to Chic Blog |


Busy busy.. that’s what life has been for this gal over here. Do you ever feel like days pass faster than you can keep up? That’s how it’s been lately. Sometimes it feels as if you’re constantly just trying to keep up with goals and commitments. Some fall through and others take precedent. Trying not to be too hard on yourself for those things that fall through isn’t the easiest, but there are only so many hours in the day. We can only do so much to keep up and then when life settles down and you can take a deep breath, work on those goals and don’t give up.

This little blog of mine became a place to express my thoughts, share my ideas and encourage others a little over a year ago. It’s been a wonderful opportunity to practice my writing skills, push myself to explore and has even brought me a few incredible new friends. But sometimes life gets busy and I’m not able to post every day of the week and I feel guilty. Then I remember, this life is meant to be lived and enjoyed and this blog is a reflection of that. In order to write about life and the exciting and even busyness it has to offer, I have to live it and enjoy it!

I love reading your comments and writing for you, but if you’ll be patient with me as I enjoy every moment of this crazy life, I’ll work on giving you the best of me through writing and sharing. I don’t want to just do a post to do it, I want it to encourage you, inspire you and give you a little insight into this little City Dweller’s life. So in between the craziness, I’ll be working on giving you my best through this blog in a way that keeps you inspired, whether it’s daily or weekly.
Until next time, whether that’s tomorrow or next week, thank you so much for reading and for all of your sweet comments. Each one encourages me to keep Chic to Chic going. I do it for myself, but I do it for my readers too. In the mean time, I’d love to hear your thoughts about Chic to Chic. How long have you been reading? What are your favorite topics to read about? Any questions you have about me? I’d love to hear more from you! Go ahead, leave a comment!


Happy Wednesday, Friends!


Introduction to The Hunted Interior

By now you know I love to share new and exciting things I find. So today is no exception. I’d like to introduce you to The Hunted Interior Blog written by Kristin Jackson. Her blog is focused on Interior Design and “hunting” in your home for ways to redo and reuse things you already have. What a genius idea! My friend has been telling me about her for months now and for some reason, today was the day I finally looked her up. I’ve been changed. I have found all of the inspiration for my new loft in the city (where we’ll be moving THIS WEEKEND) and my future home with little ones. Her style is beautiful, timeless, elegant, sophisticated and every bit of what I would like my home to be. So, without further adieu, a taste of HER home.

Campaign Hardware Kitchen | This Photo Belongs to THE HUNTED INTERIOR |

$100 Kitchen Makeover

Canopy Bed |This Photo Belongs to THE HUNTED INTERIOR |

I have to make this polka dot lamp.

Decorating Small Hallway|This Photo Belongs to THE HUNTED INTERIOR |

I’ve been in love with black and white. This just made me melt.

Hutch as Desk|This Photo Belongs to THE HUNTED INTERIOR |

I mean, this space! It’s perfection!

|This Photo Belongs to THE HUNTED INTERIOR |

I would love to transform our very similar coffee table and end table into these.

Kitchen Chair|This Photo Belongs to THE HUNTED INTERIOR |

This chair cushion is to DIE for.

Living Room |This Photo Belongs to THE HUNTED INTERIOR |

The Curtains, the Pillow and the end table/chest. Ah…

Her designs are flawless, homey, comfortable, inviting, but oh so fabulous and lovely. This is what I will strive for. I hope you enjoy this and if you’d  like to fill your pin boards with Kristin’s personal inspiration and her own home photos, visit her beautiful Pinterest page here.

Happy Thursday, Friends!

Day at a Time

Choosing Joy

Choose Joy | Aubrey Hubbell Design | Chic to Chic Blog |

Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.  -Helen Keller

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Sometimes we have surprises, good and well, not so good. Whether in heartache or disappointment, we have a choice. We have a choice to choose joy. Through it all, no matter what comes our way we can make that choice. No, not a “fake” happiness, but joy. Joy is something that comes from the soul, because the heart and mind may not be feeling it. In every situation we face, choosing to be joyful is not always easy, but it gives a feeling of hope. Knowing there is always something to be thankful for because you’re alive and breathing this morning, it makes it a bit easier to find that joy. So, in every situation you face, choose joy. It’s good for the soul.

Happy Wednesday, Friends.