Day at a Time, My Designs

Imagine that.


Imagine. We love doing that. Mr. M & I love sitting and chatting about the future.

What if we lived on the moon? What if we built a house in a tree, but forgot to build a ladder to get down? What if we moved to a country and pretended to speak a fake language? What if we named our child after a local zoo animal?

Okay, so we aren’t really THAT imaginative. We really just chat about where we would like to live, what are future kids will say, what our first house will look like, what color we’ll paint the walls.. the boring, but OH SO exciting kinds of things we like to imagine for our lives as a couple.

On another note, my mind wanders…

Sometimes I wonder where this fascination for art, photography, fashion and design will take me. Will I become an artist with an openings in galleries all around the country and if I did, what kind of art would I create? I love sculpture, but I’m really not that great, yet. I love design, but still have SO much to learn. Fashion, I’m a little short for runway, not that I see myself doing that, but with this crazy love of fashion and no fashion design skills, what could I, should I do? A buyer for a large department store, a stylist for locals or a window designer. There are just so many possibilities and so much that is still yet to be determined in this future of mine.

For all of you who are living your dream, what did it take to get there? How did you decide what you wanted to do, what you wanted to be when you grew up? As a lowly college student, I wonder how classmates around me seem to know exactly what they want and I just learned the pen tool in Illustrator. It’s quite a thought. There are so many possibilities, but where does that put me?

Imagine the possibilities. That’s a lot to think about on a Monday morning.

Happy Monday, Friends.

Celebrate Good Times, Day at a Time

Blessings. Count them.


I am blessed. I am back. I am ready for Christmas.

Anyone miss me? Maybe a little bit?

Well, I survived the end of Fall Semester. Passed all of my THREE studio classes and THREE regulars. Now I am ready to party. Tonight marked the last of the Christmas shopping. I spent the evening at the mall picking out each special gift for each darling person in my life. I got great deals (Did you know Madewell & J. Crew are giving 30% off your ENTIRE purchase right now?! &&& Anthropologie is having major sales & there are tons of markdowns)! I love. Holiday. Shopping.

I came home tonight out of the blistering cold outside & told my hubbs, “I wish I could just buy gifts for people everyday.” I just love it SO much. There is just something about searching and searching for that perfect gift. That gift that will bless that other person. That gift that was MADE especially for your friend or family member. It’s just priceless. I can’t wait to deliver the gifts!

On another Holiday note – We finally got our Christmas cards printed. A little short notice, but totally in time. Here’s a little preview.


Dress – Eliza J – Sweater – Similar

My sweet, sweet friend Noelle took our pictures on my college campus, for something different. She did a wonderful job and don’t worry, I’ll be showing off the rest of the shoot sometime soon. I still haven’t even shared our Thanksgiving Family preview either. The time will come.

Well my friends, it’s officially the Holiday Season. Count your blessings until you fall asleep tonight. We woke up this morning. We survived the day. We are blessed.

Happy Tuesday, Friends.


R.I.P Little Ones in CT. We’re thinking about you.

Celebrate Good Times, Day at a Time

A Time To Be Proud





I’m going to brag a little bit. My Husband is pretty incredible. A couple times a year he signs up with this program, Junior Achievement. They send him a pack of teaching lessons and the class he’s assigned to.

For the past few weeks Matt’s been taking off a couple hours of work each week and teaching a class of 4th graders. He teaches them on their level the type of work he does. He taught them about starting a business and saving money.

The best thing, I think, was when he strayed away from his lesson plans for a different plan. Matt decided to give each child in the class one dollar. They were then given the choice to keep their dollar and spend it or when Matt came back the next week, if they saved it, they would get another dollar!

The way M tells the story is the best! The kids went crazy when they were handed the first dollar. Only one child chose not to save it. That one child was mentioned quite frequently in the Thank You notes given at the last class. One child said he did not think that was a very smart choice to keep the dollar.

I am so proud of my husband for taking time out of his work day to spend time with these kids and showing them the ropes of business. The Thank You notes said it all for me. Every kid had a great time, thought he was THE BEST and couldn’t believe he gave them FREE MONEY! The boys over that they had a boy teacher. I’m pretty sure one girl has a crush going on and one said he liked when Mr. Hubbell came because she didn’t have to do spelling. Those Thank You notes were awesome.

I’m proud of you, baby. I know, one day, you’ll make a great Daddy.