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A Year in Paris

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The “City of Lights” is at the top of my places to visit. I’ve always loved hearing about the beautiful city, rich in culture, known for their beautiful artwork, scrumptious desserts and crackly bread. I love hearing the language spoken, looking at pictures of the gorgeous French women and hearing about the history that fills the city. Recently, while looking for a new book to read, I typed in “France”. The first book to come up was Paris in Love. It’s the moving, hilarious and incredible story of an American family of four that moves to Paris, France for a whole year. She tells little tidbits about their experiences throughout that year. Every five minutes you’ll catch me laughing out loud and then sharing with the Hubby what I just read. The book is such a wonderfully written journal of sorts that brings me into a world I can only long to be in. What a way story to tell! Eloisa’s daughter, Anna is probably my favorite member of the family. She’s eleven years old and is a feisty little girl. The stories involving her provide the best laughs. If you’re an Adventurer at heart and looking for a new book to read, I highly recommend  Paris in Love: A Memoir by Eloisa James.

Happy Monday, Friends!

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une belle journée



A beautiful day is a beautiful day, but it sounds and looks so much more beautiful in French. One day, one day I will learn more French. it’s such a romantic looking and sounding language. Hearing it just makes me want to hop on a plane and go to Paris! That day will come.

The curtains are drawn and the sunlight is coming in on the gorgeous morning. I’m sitting at my desk working on projects and listening to a Frank Sinatra melody that’s slowly waking me up and a heater at my feet is keeping my toes from freezing in this cold winter A.M..

This morning I am dwelling on the days ahead and what will come of them. Sometimes I think too much about the future and don’t enjoy the present. I’m trying, though. The present is a lovely thing. It passes in the blink of an eye. Each moment should be cherished and I’m preaching to myself. Sometimes I forget or just get too caught up in everything going on and everything that needs to get done. It’s a beautiful day. I will enjoy the sun shining through the little windows into my little office corner and listen as the tea kettle whistles on the stove along with the birds outside. Each moment, each and every moment is precious.

It’s a beautiful day. Une belle journée.

Happy Thursday, Friends.