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Rainy Mondays and Conversation

Rainy Monday | Chic to Chic Blog | #city #rain #fall

Rainy Monday | Chic to Chic Blog | #city #rain #fall

Good Morning, Friends! Rain wasn’t on the forecast, but it is coming down hard in the city! I don’t mind it so much, bring on the rain boots and rain jacket, I say! It’s a good day for an up-do and comfy cozy clothes. And until it’s time to dive in the puddles, I’ll just be working on projects in the warmth of our loft with a cup of tea.

This weekend was filled with lots of cuddling, a long walk across the bridge to the Dirty Cookie, a little date at the Tattered Cover Bookstore and a late night filled with homework. It was a much needed time spent together, relaxing and check off the list weekend. My favorite part of all, I’d have to say was the conversation. Thursday night, I had the pleasure of a little girl time filled with conversation. Talking about our Love Story, home decorating and the latest Pinterest crafts over bowls of Phó, walking in the freezing rain with the SO WORTH IT Little Man Ice Cream, chatting about our hubbies and how great they are, and even dropping by a student art exhibit to say hello to a few of my fellow classmates. Conversation was at an all time high that afternoon. Later on in the weekend, conversation continued between the Love and I. We shared our dreams and goals, planned our birthday celebration, talked about our future and just enjoyed conversation about whatever popped in our brain. Conversation is something that holds friends and couples together. It’s so important on an everyday basis to have bits of conversation, asking about their day, how they did on their latest project or just to say hello. Conversation makes relationships stronger, makes individuals feel loved and cared about and brings openness to friendships. A weekend of conversation keeps me going on my late nights and early mornings when our conversation may only be an I love you before bed.

So, how was your weekend? Did you get a lot done or did you relax and enjoy being lazy? Let’s start a conversation!

Happy Monday, Friends!

Day at a Time

Rainy Day in the City


Today was gloomy and rainy, but I was determined to have a better mood than the weather.

I did just that. M and I enjoyed the evening together eating Catfish and taking a walk in the cold. I think I’m warming up to the cold weather. Snuggling is much more fun this way. My little rain boots also enjoyed splashing in puddles.

Happy Cold Weather, Friends!

What to Wear

Eyeing a Boot


Has anyone been else been eyeing Tom Joules boots the past few winter seasons? Aren’t they gorgeous! I love the gold detailing, patterned fabric inside and the darling little red bows on the back. Adorable!

Right now, I’m sitting in Art History Survey 2 listening intently and searching for boots. I could get used to combining Art History and shopping. “Look at the deep tones of the Mona Lisa and the hint of her small smile. Wouldn’t she look just fabulous in a Vince Fur Vest for the Fall?! Love!”


Okay, so maybe I’m the only one laughing right now, but nevertheless, Fashion and Art History are a great combination.

Back to the boots…Anyone else eyeing boots for the Fall and Winter seasons? Hunter, Michael Kors, UGGS?! What’s hot right now according to your Fall Fashion?

Can’t wait for boot weather!