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Oysters and Ice Cream






This weekend through the eyes of my Instagram Account @aubreyrachael. On Thursday we celebrated 100 followers on Instagram, ate Pho for dinner with the Hubs between classes and broke in new shoes, ouch! Friday was work day and ended with coming home to take care of my poor, sick Honey. Saturday, M rallied and we headed downtown to explore! We found this great ice cream place to celebrate dessert day. We enjoyed it while dreamily looking down the street at the beautiful Denver skyline. We headed down to the Marriott for a quick peek at my artwork in the gallery. The One Moment piece was inspired by the incredible Anna Rifle Bond and the other piece was for a Clothing Recycle campaign. The day ended with dinner at La Grande Oyster Bar. Today I continued nursing my poor husband back to health. We’re drinking Peppermint tea as I write and plan on a bedtime of 8:30pm! I think yesterday wore him out a bit! Overall, as seen on my Instagram Account, the weekend was one to remember. I’ll never tire of weekends with my Darling, that’s for sure! I am one lucky girl.

I hope the end of this weekend finds you well rested with many new memories as well!

Happy Sunday, Friends!

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Joe & a Sick Day

Cup of Joe | A. Design |

Cup of Joe that is. This weekend, Matt and I both woke up with sore throats. Ug, no fun. He stuck it out today and went to work. I stayed home and worked. I’ve had a cup of coffee and so many cups of Peppermint Tea, I lost count.

Even though we weren’t feeling up to our normal selves, we had a fabulous weekend celebrating Valentine’s the past couple days. Matt surprised me with an awesome hotel stay. We stayed at the Curtis Hotel, a quirky, vintage styled hotel. Vintage as in the 70s. We stayed on the Marge floor, as in Marge Simpson, the Front Desk man informed us. The view was incredible, the city lights and the moon in plain view outside our window.

The restaurant was a surprise as well. A fancy little place called Row 14. I had the duck, Matt had the lamb bolognese. Mmm… such a delicious treat. Breakfast the next morning at the hotel’s restaurant, The Corner Office was great as well. The disco decor kept us entertained and then came the Chicken and Waffles. Wow, fattening, but amazing.

My husband did such a wonderful job with all the surprises. From the Five Days of Valentine’s to the incredible weekend, he always knows how to make me feel loved. I love that man.

I hope your Valentine’s was filled with just as much love and romance.

Now I have to work through this cold and walk off those chicken and waffles and all the other fun stuff that comes with Vday.

Happy Monday, Friends!

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I Scream! Ice Cream!

Aubrey Rachael Photography

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Wow, what an experience. What you see there is my darling gal friend, Miss Noelle. Look how cute she is! It all started with a motion piece for class and the obsession with pretty ice cream cones. Then Noelle popped in my head to cast as my ‘lil model. We decided I’d pick her up at Starbucks and go on over to a little local Ice Cream shop. And then it happened –  the most beautiful, dreamy and completely adorable transformation occurred, my camera came to life. That ice cream cone with the cherry on top, the polka dot dress and the little lady created THIS. Oh how I can’t wait to edit the motion portion! Hope you enjoy this little sneak peek and grab an ice cream cone while you’re at it!

Happy Wednesday Night, Friends!

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Whirlwind, just a bit.


Wow, it’s been a while. Again, I know.

We had our party which was just fabulous! I’ll post pictures eventually!

We had Christmas with my in-laws.

Then went away for Thanksgiving.

See, it’s been a bit of a whirlwind.

Our birthdays were a blast. The party, even better. We had it at the Museum of Contemporary Art here in Denver. We ate on their rooftop cafe and enjoyed the incredible views of the city. We felt so special to have all of our closest friends in one place. The food was delish and the dessert, rich. Chocolate and vanilla cake with a cream cheese layer. Wow. Then, it was back to the office for a couple of days before the Thanksgiving festivities. We had family photos, ate at our favorite German restaurant and then made our way down to the Grands for the rest of the week. Thanksgiving was a filling experience and a much needed relaxing treat. I am so thankful for our family that came down and enjoyed the holiday with us. We had such a great time!

Now, onto this week. It’s already busy, so if you don’t here from me until the end of the semester… I’m probably drowning in design. Yes, it’s possible.

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving. What was your favorite part?

Mine, had to be the turkey. Good stuff, that turkey… and eating it with the best family around.

Happy Monday, Friends!

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A Saturday Day





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I love surprise restaurant date nights, even if I always ruin them and figure out where we’re going. Tonight was Cucina Colore. Wonderful Italian dining. I had the Spaghattini with scallops and shrimp. Matt had the Veal Bolognese. Both, delicious. We even got “in trouble” by our waiter for “cuddling” too much, ha! You’d think we were newlyweds or something! I mean, we DO like each other.

Today was great overall. I practiced styling two lovely ladies’ hair for their homecoming in a couple weeks and spent the rest of the day at home keeping it simple. It was a perfectly relaxing day.

Sometimes that’s exactly what  you need. Time to relax and time together.



I hope this Saturday finds all of you well. What did you do this Saturday? Did you keep it simple or stay busy?

Tell me about it.